YENYE Jewelry ,leading by the original spirit of the brand: Unique, Fun and Elegant, creates by Taiwanese designer – YENYE Chen (Jessica) . Born in 2011, YENYE Jewelry emphasizes the experimental creation, draws out the pure essence of substance and the delicate harmony between traditional jewelry and contemporary art.

The brand also features a main collection of Jadeite - the gems of the Orient. Abandoning the ornate style of traditional jade jewelry, she plays on the refreshed yet sculptured design to restore the Jadeite nature. Presenting to you the jewelry embodies classical and post-modern excellence.

Born and raised in Taiwan, YENYE Chen (Jessica) majored in visual art, multi-media design and graduated as a gemologist in the Gemological Institute of America. She has also became a certified jadeite appraiser from gemological institute China.

Her design combines the Oriental disposition and Western taste, showcasing the impact of the classical, modern and futuristic. She is inspired by the universe, mysterious stories, nature and the childhood exposure of religious art. You can find all her work engraved with her travel, experiences and thoughts of life with a unique name and story.

Each piece of jewelry that she creates, is trying to convey the origin of life, looking for a space for the soul resting and returning to its initial state.